Sabalan Spa

This complex has two separate parts for men and women and has the approximate capacity of 600 persons in each working shift. It is one of the most unique hot mineral water hydrotherapy units of its kind in Asia, built with many facilities near Laleh Hotel in Sar-ein, and shines like a gem in the city.
Among the facilities of this complex, three indoor pools, individual tubs, pressurized pools, dry and steam sauna, a medical room, massage therapy and physiotherapy facilities, beautiful green area, a big parking lot and sports shop in the complex, can be mentioned.
Endeavors in obtaining guest satisfaction and their mental and physical health are goals of this complex.
“Laleh International Hotel Group” tries hard to provide high quality services to ensure the satisfaction of its guests, and in this regard it is committed to move toward issues such as the quantitative development of recreational and hospitality capacities, the increase of units, constant progress and the quantitative and qualitative development of services, promoting the level of human resources through continuous training and close monitoring, observing the rules and regulations and making good use of the standards recognized by the tourism industry.
Laleh International Hotel Group remains beside you in creating sweet memories and unforgettable moments during your trip


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